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The Editor-In-Chief, Ghana Dental Journal, do School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD), College of Health Sciences, P. O. Box KB. 460, Korle-Bu, Accra-Ghana. Email:

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Manuscripts for publication should be prepared in keeping with the guidelines of the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals as espoused by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (

The manuscript must be typed, Arial or Times, double spaced, on A4 size paper; on one side only, and with margins of at least 2.5 (1inch) all around.
The title page should include:
(1) The title of the paper (not more than 20 words or 100 characters);
(2) The names and addresses of the author(s);
(3) The complete address (including telephone number, fax number, and email
address) of the corresponding author.

The main paper should contain the

Abstract (structured), Keywords,
Introduction, Materials, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and References.
The abstract should not have more than 200 words.
Ideally, contributions should not be more than 3000 words, including tables and figures. Tables and figures count as
100-500 words depending on the size.

Should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals ( Superscript) as they occur in the text and these numbers should be inserted as manuscript each time the author is cited (example In this analysis, Richardson³ indicated that…). The Vancouver style must be used. At the end of the manuscript, the full list of references should give the names and initials of all authors. In the case where there are more than three authors, only the first three should be
cited followed by
Format should be:
Author’s name
Title of article
Title of the journal abbreviated as in Index Medicus
The year of publication
Volume number
The first and last pages are in full.

Reference to a book:
Mason, RA; A guide to Dental Radiography. 3rd Edition, pp34-37, London; John Wright, 1988.

Reference to a book chapter:
Avery, B; Diseases of the maxillary antrum. In Scully, C. (Editor). The Mouth and Perioral Tissues. Vt Edition,pp;O8-l25. Oxford; Heinemann, 1989.

Reference to a Report:
Guidelines for self-care in oral health. Copenhagen; World Health Organization, 1989, Publication No.ICP/.ORH, 113.

Tables and Figures:
All tables and figures must be thoroughly discussed in the text of the manuscript. Print each table on a separate page, each with the title. Number the tables in order of mention using Arabic numerals. When appropriate, standard deviations of values should be indicated using the notation (“). Results of statistical analysis may be included.
Figures are limited to 6 per manuscript. List captions to tables and figures on a separate page. Captions should be complete and understandable apart from the text and may include a key for symbols or abbreviations used.

Cover Letter or Submission Letter

The letter submitting the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief should be signed by ALL authors or the Corresponding author takes responsibility for the authors. It must confirm the originality of the study and the fact that it has not been submitted to another journal for consideration or published elsewhere

General Policy:
The receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged. After initial review, authors will be notified of the status. Authors will be informed upon acceptance of a paper and an estimate of the issue of the Ghana Dental Journal in which the paper will be published. Page proofs will be forwarded to authors who must return any corrections. A publication fee of One Hundred US dollars ($100, or equivalent in Ghana Cedis (GHS) will be charged to the authors of the accepted papers


The high cost of printing requires that manuscripts are not unduly lengthy. They must be concise.
Original Research Article

Including text, figures, tables and references should occupy not more than the space for maximum of 6000 words including tables and illustrations. Short or preliminary reports should not exceed 1500 words.
Special Article/Correspondence

Review articles should not exceed 2000 words including tables and illustrations. Manuscripts on special medical events should not exceed 1500 words including figures, tables and references.

Case Report

Case reports should not exceed 2500 words including figures tables and references.

Submission Package Checklist:

Articles should be submitted online on the journal’s website or to the email address

The checklist includes a cover letter, title page, evidence of ethical clearance, the manuscript, and any other relevant information.

Articles that do not conform to the journal requirements shall be returned. These of course can be modified and resubmitted for consideration. Short communication and letters to the Editor are welcome. The editor reserves the right to make editorial changes.

Acknowledgment: This document was compiled using the following resource accessed from   AJOL, 18th May 2016